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Extrot is formulated with 100% pure natural ingredients to end dry feet forever! This incredible healing cream has helped millions restore their troubled feet. If your feet are dry, if the itching drives you crazy...if you pick at them ’til they're raw...if you have embarrassing foot odor, then you should know about this wonderful product that will give you immediate relief and may cure your troubled feet forever!

Extrot cream quenches dry, thick skin with immediate hydration. This intensive foot care cream will deeply moisturize rough dry heels, and thick dry skin. Reduce unsightly dry heels with targeted Extrot now! Renew skin with advanced moisturization, natural ingredients, and a loving foot massage. Its time to pamper your achy, tired feet with this soothing and restorative Extrot cream. For a more intensive approach, don some sock and transform feet with overnight repair. Extrot specializes in targeting specific skin issues and this foot cream is integrative and dynamic and proven to provide results. The best foot lotion with natural ingredients will leave your feet feeling silky and smooth.

Daily moisturizer

Apply daily to keep your feet feeling soft, smooth and sandal ready year round and nightly as a deeply hydrating foot treatment.

Dry feet?

A vital part of keeping feet healthy and youthful throughout these changes is “skin hydration”. Hydrating your body from the outside is as important as hydrating your body from the inside. Dry skin lacks the oil necessary to ensure this balance. As the largest organ of our body, healthy skin protects us from bad elements. Healthy feet also “breathes” allowing our pores to release bad elements from within our body. The condition of our feet is determined by our genetics, overall state of health, nutrition and exposure to the environment. What we do to protect and nourish our feet will control how our skin ages.

Natural formulation

Extrot is an unique, daily-use, natural formulation that heals and softens excessively dry and rough feet, preventing dryness and helping protect feet. The gentle, yet effective combination of natural moisturisers provides an unique three-way deep moisturising effect, making your skin soft, increasing the natural moisture content and keeping your feet moisurized even during extensive exposure to the elements. Sal Tree extract has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric and Honey provide antiseptic and germicidal action, and Feenugreek helps heal dryness and relieve aches.

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Natural moisturizing foot cream

Extrot is an effective moisturiser ideal for maintaining the condition of the skin on your feet. It manages and helps prevent dry and rough skin.

Chamomile makes a wonderful tea. It helps calm and soothes the feet by helping the skin retain moisture. Not to mention helps our bodies relax and decompress tension. These days, when we think of chamomile, we believe about tea.


Coconuts provide significant benefits when it is applied topically. A boost of moisturizing, soothing of redness, and even fighting dryness are the top benefits. It is a superfood and one of the best skin-restorers on the market.

Coconut oil

Fennel is a umbrella-shaped plant with tiny little yellow flowers. It is a native of Egypt. You may see it used in skincare in the form of an essential oil or an extract. The essential oil is typically steam distilled.



After cleansing your feet, pour a moderate amount and massage with the sole as the center to the top of the feet and ankle for absorption. Initially apply twice daily to clean, dry skin, dry heels. Then apply as necessary. Apply liberally as often as needed. Reapply to extremely dry, rough, cracked skin to promote speed of healing and increase level of moisturization.